Custom Wire Form for the Lighting Industry

Wire Form for the Lighting Industry

A customer in the lighting industry approached AARD Spring & Stamping in need of a wire form. This was a new product for the client, and they requested a quick turnaround, which we were happy to do. We worked closely with them throughout the process, ensuring all specifications were met.

We used our advanced CNC precision wire former to manufacture the product. The material we used was .060 music wire. The wire form measured 2.35 inches wide. All rounds and fillets were Ø.030 inches. We worked within a tolerance of ±.015 inches. Working extremely fast, we were able to provide the client in California with samples of the wire form in one week. Upon approval, we manufactured the 5,000 units in one day. The client was extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the exceptionally fast turnaround.

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Wire Form for the Lighting Industry
Wire Form Tool
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Wire Form Project Highlights:

Part DescriptionWire form
Overall DimensionsWidth: 2.35 in.
Diameter: Ø.030 in.
Tightest Tolerance±.015 in.
Material.060 music wire
Type of MachineCNC Precision wire former
Volume5,000 pieces
Delivery2 weeks
PackagingLayer with newspaper to prevent tangling

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