Custom Extension Spring with Formed End for the Music Industry

Custom Extension Spring

A customer in the music industry commissioned AARD Spring & Stamping to produce an extension spring with a formed end. They wanted us to manufacture this spring while reducing their costs. Our team knew we could provide them with a superior product and save them money.
We used our advanced CNC equipment to produce a top-of-the-line extension spring. The finished product measured 2.55 inches long and had a diameter of Ø.330 inches. We used .051 music wire ASTM A228. We worked within tight tolerances on the production of the part. We followed all of their specifications, including baking immediately after plating to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. We promptly delivered the spring to the client. They were extremely satisfied with the finished spring and with our exceptional service. We now provide them with 100,000 parts annually.

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Extension Spring With Formed End Project Highlights:

Part DescriptionExtension spring with formed end
Overall DimensionsFree Length: 2.55 in.
Diameter: Ø.330 in.
Material.051 music wire ASTM A228
Tightest ToleranceRate per inch
Volume100,000 annually
Delivery LocationUSA/MEXICO

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