Custom Fabrication of a Large Wire Torsion Spring for the Construction Industry

Custom Wire Torsion Spring
Large Wire Torsion Spring for the Construction Industry

A customer in the construction industry came to AARD Spring & Stamping in need of a large wire torsion spring with bends. The client provided us with blueprints, which our design team followed to their specifications. We worked closely with the client throughout design and production.

The torsion spring was made out of oil tempered ASTM A229. It measured Ø2-9/16 inches in diameter and had 9 coils. We worked within tolerances of ±3 degrees on angles. We thoroughly tested the product upon completion, and then delivered 100 pieces to the client in California. They were completely satisfied with the torsion spring.

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Wire Torsion Spring Project Highlights:

Product DescriptionLarge wire torsion spring with bends
Overall DimensionsDiameter: Ø2-9/16"
Total Coils: 9
Tightest Tolerance±3° on angles
Material.393 oil tempered ASTM A229
Volume100 Pieces
DeliveryStandard 3 weeks
Delivery LocationCalifornia
StandardsCustomer supplied blueprint

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